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Whether joining our Ecological Alternative Inca trails or taking an additional tour such as the Nazca Lines, Lake Titicaca, Colca Canyon or Jungle Lodges, you will feast on local culinary delights prepared by our professional cooks under strict hygienic conditions. Our delicious meals are enjoyed by candlelight in an enclosed dining tent with tables and campstools on all of our trekking, rafting and jungle trips in Peru, Chile, Ecuador or Bolivia.

At Mayuc, we also provide all of our guests with state o -the art rafting and trekking equipment for their expeditions. You don’t have to be exceptionally athletic to participate, but a reasonable physical condition will help you get the most out of your outdoor experience.

For your reservation you can just sending us and e-mail to [email protected] and find out about available space, we will answer you the same day and we can help you with l all your traveling arrangements , such as airport transfers, local flights, hotel reservations, or any additional tour. For a deposit to confirm your trip just enter our Secure Server Reservation page where you can conveniently and safely do your deposit On Line.

Join is for some safe serious fun !!

Alejandro (Chando) Gonzalez, the founder of Mayuc, was born in Peru and educated in California, where most of his family still lives. He now resides in Cusco, Peru, where Mayuc is based.

Chando is an enthusiastic tour leader and entrepreneur and founded Mayuc in 1978. He has led numerous expeditions and has first-hand knowledge of the special concerns encountered during a journey and how to make it both safe and fun.

Chando has also led several first descents of Peruvian rivers, mountain treks, and jungle explorations. In 1980, he was chosen by the explorer-oceanographer Jacques Cousteau as a coordinator for the land team in the making of the movie The Jacques Cousteau Amazon Exploration. In April of 1997, Chando and his company were chosen as guides by the Walt Disney Corporation while in Peru to work on their new film about the Incas 
MAYUC AND PERU RAFTING THE BEST AND SAFETY PERU COMPANIES. For 33 years we have explore , done firsts descents and open several Peruvian white water and jungle rivers to the world.

Rafting and kayaking the rivers of Peru will be an unforgettable experience that you will really enjoy. The waters that flows down from the Andes form the mighty rivers of Peru and Chile, an authentic and irresistible challenge for lovers of rafting and kayaking , is an experience that will put you on the edge of risk and danger.

Among this Rafting Peruvian rivers is the Apurimac river, a classic class IV & V , run that drops through house sized granite boulders with canyon walls soaring thousands of feet above. It is rated among the 10 best rafting trips in the world and the number one Rafting trip in Peru.

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